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Audio/ Visual ideas & goings on.


If you make creative things, art, film, music, fashion, photography and all other then send us your work for a feature on


Got something to say?

Can you put into words the epic dimensions of cultural importance? Can you explicitly explain the eccentric economical and egotistical relevance of artists development? Alternatively, can you write engaging material that focuses on modern and forefront ideas in music, design, moving image or fashion? Do you want your articles to be published on Gold Tinted for the world to see, alongside other great contributors?

If you said yes, or even perhaps, to any of that then you may be on the right track by coming to this page. We are always looking for interesting and über cool people to contribute articles about the most happening, non-cliché and stylish cultural goings on.

All you have to do is email a submission, though you must read the following first.

Things to include.

Your article (of course) and include which of the four categories you are looking to be posted in.

A picture that is captivating and totally click-inducing. (The standard image size is 640×400 any smaller will be replaced with something else. We’d prefer images around 1664×1040 for quality’s sake.) You must provide credits for all media included in your article, or, something even better, you could create all the beauteous things to accompany your writing.

Some info about you, links to any online presence you may have, who you are and what makes you an authority on the topic you are submitting.

That’s it. So get writing and providing.


Note: although we will read and get back to everyone who supplies articles we cannot publish all submissions, nor do we provide feedback on submissions. We are also quite selfishly busy so getting a response can take a week or so but we do try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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