Gold Tinted

Audio/ Visual ideas & goings on.


We don’t want to fill our site with advertising that gets in the way of the clean, curated content of Gold Tinted. Instead we offer sponsored posts and articles that can be featured or placed within context to all our other posts.

Promoting a product, event, location, project or release?

We’re happy to hear from you about all your new projects that we can write about and promote on Gold Tinted.

Perhaps you’re holding an event and want to gather creative or trendy people.

Or you are launching a new product, opening a new hotel or shop, if design is a key point of your product we are happy to promote it.


New music?

There’s so much new music out there and we love to be at the forefront of it all, hearing the newest sounds before the crowd. Let us in on your press releases and we may write about it or you can sponsor an article that reviews, technically and creatively your latest music offerings.

Add us to your press mailing list:


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