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Rihanna – We Found Love

This has been much-anticipated, and since the controversy Rihanna caused to one Irish farmer earlier in September, we were all looking forward to something delightfully Rihanna. That is minimal clothing and dancing about in some stylised manner/ generic R&B pop singer style. The video for We Found Love, ft. Calvin Harris is something a bit more interesting and a treat for I who put off watching it because I expect the worst. The video was directed by previous Rihanna MV director, Melina Matsoukas who not only directed “Rude Boy” and “S&M”, but also has contributed highly creative promos for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Leona Lewis.

Sex, scandal, ‘trampyness’, fast-food, social disorder and drugs all play to make this video raw in a way rarely seen by the likes of this type of American artist. The video is rather European, with former boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy playing the subject of love and hate in the video introducing throwback ‘skinhead’ fashions and a few locations that are cliché yet apt for portraying the tale.

Comparing We Found Love to the movie “Blue Valentine” is quite right in the sense it depicts love falling and failing away. Highest highs to the bottom of lows. The song and video are a brilliant combination; of course Calvin Harris has a tiny cameo as DJ in the field rave, whilst Rihanna takes an acting role for the most, portraying a tale rather than acting out a song. Video after some pics.


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