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Florence & The Machine – Shake It Out

How about some new Florence Welch dancing around amongst costume, glitter balls and 1920’s style scandal. It is one of the most stylised videos I’ve seen in a while and is heavily dependent on dirty glass, poor colouring and multiple lens flares in the cinematography to create the atmosphere for a scandalous party of the rich and shameless. I am a fan of the song, although it is nothing new to expect from the mistress of indie/hipster pop. The video is rather attractive set against a backdrop of the art deco decadence of ElthamPalace giving it all the necessary dimensions for general coolness. Another good show from Florence & The Machine and director Dawn Shadforth, whom directed Drumming Song also.


2 comments on “Florence & The Machine – Shake It Out

  1. misformust
    October 8, 2011

    Wow! i’ve been searching for this song for some time and finally, here it is! hehe i fell in love with florence welch the first time i saw dog days are over video, and with songs like this… difficult not to blow away-
    Greetings from barcelona and congratulations for your blog!

    • Simon Robinson
      October 14, 2011

      Thank you. I have been playing this song on repeat for days now, I love it.

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