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My Summer Of 2011 PART THREE – STUFF

The last post in my series of my summer 2011. This one is all about random bits of culture/ design/ technology and what not that occurred when I was away.


ADOBE MUSE. That is Adobe’s new web design tool for designers, no code required. Still in BETA and with only Muse as a code name, I have had some fun playing with this new innovation. Marked as a cross between Apple’s iWeb and Adobe Dreamweaver, Muse makes it simple for those with no web technical skills to produce a fully functional website. I have previously used the rather shoddy iWeb, but can say that if you play to the strengths of the software then you can create a descent website within ones means or competencies. I for one am a designer, not a technician/ engineer, coder, etc, and to have good tools like Muse, makes my life much easier. Although it still needs tweaking a fair amount, I think that it will prove to be a revolution in web-design for a designer, or creative non-technical type, to create professionally on a new platform. However, before you come and poke me in the eye, I know that nothing, at the moment, can compare to a competent web designer who can work towards standards, accessibility and much more interesting UX. As for me, Muse is almost perfect for simple, yet complete website creation.

Henry Waltz The Movie. This concept trailer made me über excited. I haven’t seen anything so stylish and endearing since Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Created by Emil Goodman with guest director Menzkie holding striking production design and using some homemade motion capture system and After Effects. Watch and be inspired.  

Oh Land – White Nights. Oh Land continues to impress and this video for the song White Nights, is rather trippy, wonderful, adventurous and inspiring. Her growing visual presence amongst her fantastically stylish music only helps make her a favourite of the Gold Tinted ethos and of mine personally.

There is so much that I have missed, and don’t think I will go away for so long again to a place without internet, or without my computer. Like an addition to myself, life is hard without it. Coming up, lots of NEW things to admire and ooh and ah over, new projects from me and mine, and maybe i’ll let you know about my new website, created in Muse of course.


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