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My Summer of 2011 PART TWO – FILM

Carrying on with things from my summer, here are my favourite films that kept me company whilst away.


1. Last Night. Keira Knightly, Sam Worthington and Eva Mendes star in this simple yet wonderfully effective look into a relationship. Set to a backing of Clint Mansells finest piano lead emotional work, the story unfolds naturally missing many clichés, or at least avoiding their exaggerated use in plot development. If you liked Blue Valentine or other stark looks at love & life with a bit of warmth then this is for you. 

2. Rango. This was a seriously well presented animation with such strong stylistic cinematography and sound design I was very impressed. A nice complete plot and humour for the whole family to enjoy. 

3. Peep World. I’m afraid to say it but this film reminds me of my family. Peep World is a glimpse into the world of a wealthy family who’s not so favourable traits are exposed in a tell all book by one of its members. With stars such as Sarah Silverman and Ben Schwartz this has some good comedy moments and amongst its somewhat ridiculous moments there are hints of sincerity. For much more than a laugh this film is a story of acceptance though in a light-hearted manner. 

4. Harry Brown. Michael Cain stars in this simple dramatic thriller set in a London estate where the youth terrorise and rule. The emotional content of this film is rich and a bit draining though it is a social criticism also. Displaying the extreme actions of an elderly man in revenge over the death of his friend this film was particularly potent for me as I watched in just the day before the riots in London this year (although the film release was 2009/10). 

Others to mention

Others to mention include. Jolene, Paper Man, Cool It & Cedar Rapids. All greatly entertaining films other wide genres. Jolene is the life long tale of a woman who is plagued by bad luck and bad decisions. Paper Man has Ryan Reynolds dressed as super hero helping star Jeff Daniels get over his writing block, social disorders and artistic confrontations, such as a hideous sofa. Cool It is the documentary exploring the alternate truth about climate change, or more specifically the things that can be done to alleviate it. A Key focus of Cool It, is Bjørn Lomborg who came to notoriety for his book criticising current climate change efforts and people profiting on failing ideas. Lastly, Cedar Rapids is a great comedy starring “The Hangover”s Ed Helms leaving his small town for the first time and meeting people a lot more liberal than himself. Making friends with John C.Reilly and Anne Heche the film is very entertaining to say the least as it shows what can happen to someone in just a few days. It’s one of those, “just go out and do it”, type of films.


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