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My Summer of 2011 PART ONE – MUSIC

As you will have noticed, I have neglected my duty of providing content for this here web blog. I must confess that I knew posts would be fewer than before, but I didn’t think they would stop completely. You see I was on an escape to the family home in Spain, where I stayed for eight weeks and two days. Doing absolutely nothing but drinking and swimming/ tanning. Whilst away I had very limited access to the world apart from a small number of foreign (Spanish/ Arab/ Egyptian) television channels and the internet on the odd occasion. Never-the-less I was able to enjoy the odd cultural item that I fell in love with. Here are my loves of the Summer.


1. Jess Mills – Live For What I’d Die For. This is what new music is all about. Interesting visual concepts as a backdrop to synth laced sincerity. This moved me, and that doesn’t happen all that often. I think what makes it special, and unique amongst others in the genre is the progression within its repeating parts. The build up evokes the strength that the song portrays without focusing on contemporary pop tricks such as drum rolls and cymbal crashes, or worse, the key change.

2. Olly Murs – Heart Skips A Beat ft. Rizzle Kicks. The sound of summer for me. It’s simplicity makes it a song I wish i’d made. The video too is so now within the mass cultural imprint. Of course it also helped push Rizzle Kicks to new heights of recognition to promote their single “Down With The Trumpets”, which would have been on this list but the lyrics irritate me at more than one point so no. 

3. Will Young –  Jealousy, and the majority of his new album Echoes. Beautiful. Chilled out modern pop. Nothing better could be done. 

4. Birdy – Shelter. I know, I know it’s a cover and we all hate that, but this is awesome, truly emotive and dare I say it, for me, better than the original. Don’t hate me . As much as I love the XX this version has such presence and captures the attention of everyone when it’s played.

5. Christina Perri – Jar Of Hearts. It’s pretty and emotional, perfect for the summer, maybe, not. Though it is well presented and fits well in abundance with other releases this summer. 

6. Selena Gomez & The Scene – Love You Like A Love Song. Whilst I am a fan of pop and this song hits all the right buttons for me, the video is the reason it’s in this list. Thoroughly entertaining with production design rarely seen in such a capacity. My favourite part is the Marie Antoinette influenced 80’s Piano in the clouds scene. 

7. The Pierces – It Will Not Be Forgotten. This is über cool and interesting. The song is very Nerina Pallot meets Polydor and video more school play meets drug fuelled fantasy. 


One comment on “My Summer of 2011 PART ONE – MUSIC

  1. Social Media Manager
    September 28, 2011

    Love every little thing about Selena! Appreciate it Simon Robinson for sharing!

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