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Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory

Oh look it’s more Gaga, always good news to see what awesome, interesting and design-centric ideas they come up with next. In this case, the new and anticipated video for “Edge Of Glory” is a major let down. Yes it has gorgeous cinematography and overall strong production value from costume, set and atmospheric lighting but it lacks, well everything else. Where’s the epic adventure that this song deserves. The video is as exciting as a student recreation of twelfth night. This was not the right video to cut out the extras and the dancers. It leaves you wanting more, as if this is only a teaser for something more special and more befitting to the song. It was created by the Haus of Gaga (rather than the usual Joseph Kahn or Jonas Akerlund) the outfits are from Gianni Versace.


One comment on “Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory

  1. Kundera
    June 22, 2011


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