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Little Red

Some new music for me this year appeared in the form of Australian band, Little Red. A nifty, electro, indie, rock, pop outfit that creates the most exciting music in the genre since the Ting Tings swept across the UK with “That’s Not My Name”, only Little Red is that much more completely phenomenal. The band is Adrian Beltrame – Guitar & Vocals, Dominic Byrne – Guitar & Vocals, Quang Dinh – Bass & Vocals, Tom Hartney – Keys & Vocals and Taka Honda – Drums. These are my two favourite videos of theirs. The first being the emotionally charged, audio and visually moving “All Mine”. The second is “Rock It” a more upbeat and Alphabeat fun pop fusion. The glue of all their tracks is the perfectly sounding lead vocal by Adrian Beltrame.

Both videos were made by Charile Pigdog who is an extraordinary Australian music video director. Check more of him out here:

Don’t forget to visit Little Red Official also to see what they’re up to.


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