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Simon Curtis – Superhero

A pop revolution of synths and geometric shapes has been clawing its way up the ranks of popularity and unsigned pop sensation, Simon Curtis is really spearheading the movement. His first album “8-Bit Heart” is available to download for free and is estimated to have received well over 150K downloads since it’s release last year. One year later and Simon has released his single “Superhero” on iTunes and with the support of his “robot army”, hopes to conquer the charts and receive the industry regard that we all in the blogosphere think is well deserved.

The track “Superhero” is somewhat of an old school pop affair but sounds very much 2011 ready. An edgy synth array and club feel make it much cooler than your average. However it also has a bit of a Disney movie soundtrack feel, which to some has been a disappointment compared to the much more boundary pushing tracks from last years album. I say, it’s great, and coincidentally in my iTunes was randomly followed by N’Sync’s “POP” and it worked perfectly.

I think we need to see a music video to clarify just who this commercial Simon Curtis is. Until then, go buy the tune, it’s worth it.

Words: Simon Robinson | Photography: Tyler Shields | Artwork: EriK Finsrud.


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