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Beyonce – Run The World

One word: Epic. This is one of those music videos you watch and just stare at thinking “wow” mixed with “wtf”. Beyonce looks amazing and the song is alright, but what makes this all so noteworthy is that a mainstream act has embraced 2011 with style and fun. You can see from the caps below that they go all out in costume to create a surreal environment whilst the sheer mass of dancers/ extras create the epic proportions that we can only expect from the likes of the worlds greatest acts. There is some great cinematography and production design, whilst there are also a few odd moments, a spot of Riverdance being one. The video was directed by big time Film Director, Francis Lawrence who has directed epic movies such as “I Am Legend” and “Constantine”, so there is no wonder as to the scale of production. Lawrence has also directed many music videos such as Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” which traits come across in this promo for “Run The World”. Video at the bottom.


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