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Lady Gaga – Judas

Money makes this look good. Great production, costume, perfect lighting and grading. Though despite all its production qualities it is sadly, in my opinion, tripe. The song itself has not appealed to me, over produced, over worked euro-pop which only a few years ago would never of left continental Europe. This all upsets me a little as Lady Gaga has the power to make such intriguing and important cultural contributions yet it seems that she is churning out self-indulgent work that’s only aim is to shock or cause a stir. Of course I have been known to say some very positive things about Gaga, her earlier work was faultless, if only she could focus on giving her audience a good time instead of a lesson in modern art or an idea of social criticism.

People either love this or hate it. Which one are you? (Video after some pics)


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