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Wolfette – Obsession and Illicit Lust

Wolfette is a new electro/rock/pop outfit that takes influence from the likes of Garbage, the rock of Skunk Anansie and the fusion of electro-rock by Muse. What grabbed me about Wolfette, and what makes her noteworthy to me, is the new single “Waiting For The Explosion” with verses that have Xenomania sounds and a bridge/ chorus which is so Blondie yet has more punch. Although she takes her influence from the 70’s-80’s era, Wolfette is very much now.

It has proved unsuccessful in the past when a new act emerges with all the traits of the tabloid “what’s hot now” list, they tend not to survive a turn in season. So posed with the idea of having an image for today Wolfette answered “To be honest I’ve not consciously tried to be on trend with what I’m doing. I’ve always had these influences so it’s a happy coincidence that it’s relevant now. I think that naturally my style will evolve as my career develops”.

Of course fitting in with social image trends is just one small part of breaking into the music industry, today more than ever you have to stand out and shout to be counted. For this, Wolfette is releasing her first two singles on her own and is doing the gigging thing. Here is the promo video for the single, released 11th April 2011.

Having worked with producer Gisli Kristjansso her songs sound fantastic with driving bass and well married rock and synth elements. There may still be a way to go in developing a public identity for Wolfette, but quality of voice and production on these tracks puts her firmly in my list of acts to watch. I want to see her in a full-on music video that defines her style and introduces the world to what she’s all about. As for a long career, I think we are just witnessing the very beginning of what could be a rather exciting figure in music. Check out the third track on the player below, “That Blonde Hair” which has a Ting Tings style to it and visit her on facebook and twitter for news on upcoming shows for this summer.

Featured photograph by Victoria Dawe


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