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The Wrong Ferrari

A film by Adam Green and a somewhat trippy affair. Green’s been quoted saying the movie’s inspiration is “pointing to turning 30 and the concerns that come with that. Entering the next phase of life, whatever that may entail; that’s the simplest idea I was trying to communicate”. I however don’t know what it is all about, and honestly I don’t mind. You could spend time analysing the characters, plot and narrative, or you could simply take it as self-indulgent, drug fuelled dribble. Either way it was a wonderful experience inducing plentiful “OMG” and “WTF”. I did rather enjoy the imagery and you could envisage it being made on a larger budget with wonderful production design. The film is something of an adventure and you could see that the making of it was also. Apparently shot on an iPhone with blatant disregard for continuity, it can at moments seem like a summer project for media students, just to pass the time, on reflection it may actually pose some interesting thoughts and may display them in a unique audio and visual make-shift feast. I recommend downloading it (as it is free) and watching as Green suggests on your t.v with the lights of. Check out the website18+ please, it is explicit in nudity and drug taking and other things that you shouldn’t let warp your innocence if you are under 18.


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