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Natalia Kills – The New Designer Pop

If you’ve not heard of Natalia Kills or designer pop then here is a brief look at the two.

Natalia Kills has had an extremely varied music career, I first saw her as Verbalicous performing “Don’t Play Nice” in a technicolor grime-pop/ rap style that was rather cool but came to no avail. Her reinvention as Natalia Cappuccini was where I really took note, her songs were definitely stand-out and her image developed with photographer/ artist Jam Sutton and was simply wonderful. However 2010 saw the prominence of her latest persona, Natalia Kills. Kills is not an ordinary rising pop star, she has crafted a new wave of designer, dark pop.

Designer pop is the term I use and many others do,  to describe music of popular/ commercial appeal that holds significant styling and production/ sound design. The most successful designer pop is when image and sound marry to make an overall product. Notable designer pop in the past decade includes All Saints especially around their last album and the single “Rock Steady”. Also Hurts, the electro/ pop throwback duo currently securing future success with their noir style and sound.

Natalia Kills is something more than just designer pop, she is the epitome of “dark pop”. A movement within the commercial music field which sees the bubblegum sense and childish ways of earlier pop music turned on its head. Dark designer pop exudes cool through its thought and presentation. The ability to be current and noteworthy whilst holding its own. Kills even in name has begun to set the precedent for all to follow when it comes to being a visionary. For she doesn’t just make strong, catchy electro-pop tunes, she directs her music videos, creates promo material like the web series “Love Kills xx” . Natalia Kills is an artist and having worked with the right team, a very exciting creative force is being bought to the mainstream. A very exciting time in music indeed as Kills is not the only one making waves in this new pop genre, fellow Cherrytree Records artist Frankmusik not so long ago was a bang on trend electro outfit but today has matured into a fantastic example of designer music with “Fear Inside”. Check out the new “Wonderland” promo from Natalia Kills.

By Simon Robinson

Photography Credits
Top/ Featured: Jam Sutton
Middle: Tim Fahlbusch

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