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The Rise Of Lomography (effect)

Be it in fashion, music, design or video the use of a particular photography style has become impossible to not encounter. The use of Lomography cameras, digital ‘vintage’ effects or variations of, has increased tenfold, but is this a good thing. With the quality of the images generally being poor, often with blemishes, distortion or colour flaws, they would not be considered the desired photography of choice by many professionals. However, with the trendy art students/ creatives/ ‘hipsters’ taking the use of Lomo like a religion, it has spread like wildflower even to your iPhone replicating the effect. So what’s the attraction? Well I can only see that it’s in the lack of intent quality that makes it so appealing to everyone, especially those without the photography skills to take good snaps with un-effected modern technology. The look of the images is ‘vintage’ which is fashionable of late and overall gives a nostalgia to images taken just yesterday. It is also notable that some Lomography cameras are cheap, as is photo reproduction. I am in two minds about the use of such ‘vintage style’ photography as it is saturating certain creative circles. On the other hand it is promoting point-and-shoot photography, encouraging all people to take as many pictures as possible. Perhaps it’s not the devil, but it’s far from being an angel in my view on photography.

By Simon Robinson

Photo credits : Top/ featured by Lucie Camp

Middle: Casey Holford

Bottom: Yann Faucher


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