Gold Tinted

Audio/ Visual ideas & goings on.

“I’m only just getting started!”

A note from Editor in Chief

Dexter Britain

I say with little hesitation that we are only at the very beginning of quite possibly a most exciting online resource. My ideas of curation and commissioning are the keystones to this being a successful project. I urge all prospective contributors to see the potential in showcasing their creative works, intellectual position and allowing themselves to be open to the wider creative community.

Whether you are a fashion fanatic, freelance graphic designer, assistant at a record label or indie film maker I hope that there will be advice and inspiration on this site that will capture your imagination. I also hope to receive article submissions from you all. This is not especially a showcase of design or product, it is more a showcase of thought and using design of all sorts to demonstrate them.

For readers who are not interested in submitting material, I have high expectations that I want to display in the quality of work published. All edited and selected by me. As this entire project stems from me trawling through countless online resources, magazines and books, I am aware there is quite a saturated market for blogs/ sites of this sort. All I can say is that this one is different, for I have clear expectations and will never post anything just for the sake of a pretty picture. All work will be accompanied by an article of substance and relevance. Though in the interest of entertainment over lecture, they won’t all be substantial in length, just ideas.

So that may seem a little dull, but Gold Tinted is conceivably the place you’ve been desiring without knowing…

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Thank you for reading, for visiting and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and to seeing you regularly.



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