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Sirens – #3: Opium Apathy

Sirens have been in the forefront of “my acts to watch” as soon as I heard and saw “Stilettos” the fab introduction to the new electro/ pop/ club renewal of this awesome three-piece girl-group. Having now listened to the tracks on new album “#3: Opium Apathy” to be released March 28th 2011, I am even more impressed.

With “Merry Go Round” using the infamous synth from Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” you know this is going to be a great album. Though the most notable tracks for me are “Good Enough” which is a full on pop anthem. It has such a great vibe through its pulsating pad and flawless vocals, one I know will be in the running to push Miley Cyrus “Time of Our Lives” off the top of my iTunes top played, which is quite a feat.

Couldn’t Luv U – An ultimately cool and designer/ funky track with all the attributes of a good Gwen Stefani track. Something that can be said about the whole album. Well thought out and curated tracks that give a great sense of direction. There hasn’t been this much designer-cool in music since All Saints “Rock Steady”. For a defining album of their career this will do them well. 5/5*


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