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Morning Glory (2010)

Morning Glory is the charming and humorous tale of how a producer from a top morning show is forced to take on the challenge of saving a struggling morning show. Simple. Charming and funny full of typical relationship struggles (love and work), happy endings and life fulfilment.

Rachel McAdams stars as our lead ‘Becky Fullyer’ a victim of the financial crisis and corporate cuts that quickly lead her promising career to a halt. She soon discovers her strength as she takes charge of “Daybreak” where she works with long time host ‘Colleen Peck’ (Diane Keaton) and new her new anchor, big time political journalist and serious news reporter ‘Mike Pomeroy’ (Harrison Ford).

Though this does all lend its self to being a cliché ‘love and conquer’ tale, which it is, I do not put it down because of it. Such an easy watch but not completely blank and unforgiving. Good performances though nothing exceptional.


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