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Charlie St. Cloud (2010)

Also known as ” The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” based on the Ben Sherwood novel of the same title. As a romantic drama full of young naivety and growing up this wasn’t awful. Though I would hesitate on where to put it in a market, is it for teens who adore Zac Efron and will watch anything where he is in emotional turmoil. Or is it to portray a more mature side of him as he plays a more serious role. Either one would work here, but for me, conclusion lies in that this is a teen/ chick-flick.

I was drawn into watching this by the stunning cinematography that really, almost, excuses the lack of realism and connectivity that is possible to the characters. It is as if you are looking into a snow globe and everything is quite perfect, except for the series of events that make up the plot.

For a big budget (est $44 million) romantic teen film this is rather disappointing, the characters are weak and realism that modern cinema has to allow greater emotional success wasn’t present. Thus making the only redeeming feature of this film the visual aesthetic. Though if you happen to be alone with wine and chocolate, don’t hesitate to put this on.


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