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The Sunset Limited (2011)

Originally a play written by Cormac McCarthy,this  film adaptation, produced and directed by star Tommy Lee Jones, is one of the most simple yet moving and thought provoking watches I have seen since trying to explain ‘The Science of Sleep” to my father.

Of course this script will not appeal or sit well with all, as it picks away at religion and the existence of God. Seen from the point of view from a believing ex-con who thinks that God has spoken to him, and a non-believer who tried to commit suicide as his views of ‘life’ are most bleak.

It appealed to me as it captures a number of my thoughts, which we won’t go into today, but it will provoke thought and discussion. Simply made, with all the action being the two stars, Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson, in a run-down apartment in a fluid narrative. This only serves to frustrate the ideas and make them resonate within ones own mind without being tampered by the fabrication of society.


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