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Howl (2011)

Based on the works of  Allen Ginsberg, “Howl” is more discussion than a theatrical drama, although it is presented as such. A strong mix of poetry, flashbacks, cross-sectioning and animation to illustrate the work and the life of a literary phenomenon.

Unveiled through a mix of animated works depicting Ginsberg’s poems, the drama unfolding in the trial of the book “Howl” on if it is ‘obscene’, and the documentary/ interview style of Ginsberg telling the tale of how he came to write poetry.

It is very well made and cleverly depicts the sentiment of Allen’s poetry as well as the literary judgement of such, including its place in society. So much more than a tale of a writer, “Howl” is the tale of modern thought development and opens the world of Ginsberg back up to public attention. As the world when the original “Howl” book was written(1955), is not so different than the one we live in now, although censorship has certainly eased, the liberal ideas focused in his work are ideas that still hold today.


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