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Jessie J – Who You Are (2011)

Jessie J, “something of a phenomenon” they say, and they are quite right, taking over the UK music world in what seems like and over night surge of PR and approbation. With the release of one of the most anticipated albums of the year, “Who You Are” is sure to leave an impression, be it high praise or a feeling of dispirit after such hype. I for one rather enjoyed my first listen, it’s eclectic in its modern hip-hop style fused with awesomely strong vocals and an old school vibe.

From the smash “Do It like A Dude”, the attitude riddled and über cool anthem of party goers, to the latest single “Price Tag” the somewhat pop song/ social criticism. Then there are tracks like “L.O.V.E.” which is reminiscent of Natasha Bedingfield.  “Mamma Knows Best” is a big band number adding only more genre-bending to this eclectic showcase. With even a Tina Turner/ Whitney twist included with “Abracadabra” an early 90’s hip-hop, pop fusion with the belting vocal brilliance that make this album completely uncomparable.

I don’t know how to conclude on this one, with the only continuity being in the great vocal. I will say that it is a very strong introduction to this already prodigious star. Only time can tell where Jessie J will lead, what style will prevail, and what we will turn to her for.


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