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Burlesque (2010)

Small town girl finds home in raunchy performance. Not the family musical, or the most overly adventurous piece of cinema. That being said, I enjoyed it. There were two big reasons for my initial reservations though, Christina Aguleria and Cher. Not that i’m not a fan of either, more that when it comes to cinema I like my actors to act and not want to show off. Of course there was a bit of showing off, and it even worked in Christina’s favour playing Ali, the girl with the accent who just really wants to perform. She must convince Burlesque club owner Tess (Cher) to let her perform and put on a live show. Of course there is love to be had and barman Jack (Cam Gigandet) is first on the list though gets put to one side for rich man Marcus (Eric Dane), who is trying to buy the club and turn it into flats. Of course all is well by the end, but that’s not really a spoiler, just a cliché.

Cher and Christina put in their best vocals to make it more special than it would have been without. The best feature of the production is the sets and staging, the gorgeous setting for, what is really, a chick flick love story. Watch it for an easy, yet thoroughly entertaining experience. Then put on the sequins, heels and grab a fan for you will want to be practising your ‘bend and snap’.


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