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Faster (2010)

One of those brilliant well made, easy watching, shoot-em-ups. As Driver (Dwayne Johnson) sets out to get revenge on those who set him up and killed his brother, we are thrown into the action within a few minutes of opening credits. Meanwhile Killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) sets out to assassinate Driver. Thrilling yet you know what’s going to happen, although this doesn’t detract from the strong cinematography, odd plot developments and interesting characters.

Billy Bob Thornton plays the chasing cop who is seeking the two after the spree of revenge begins. There are the odd pieces of creative licence that always show up in these dramatic action pieces. Moments where you say, “that just wouldn’t happen”. However, it doesn’t matter, it adds to the fantasy whilst Dwayne Johnson does a good job at a realistic character within this slightly outrageous series of events.

For an easy, yet exciting watch their isn’t anything quite as good as this that I can think of.


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