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Vanishing On 7th Street (2010)

As one who enjoys most films I found it very disappointing to watch an entire feature throughout without gaining anything. No emotion, no answers or wisdom. My first reaction was this…

OMG. Did I really just sit through the entirety of this. Sadly, yes. Not so much a bad idea for a film, just not very well done. It was supposed to be a suspense filled thriller/ horror yet the only thrill I had was trying not to fall asleep whilst watching.

On reflection I feel that may be a little harsh, after all it does have moments of wonder and some great scenes. Sadly they don’t go anywhere and I found myself re-writing the film in my head rather than watching what was happening. The beginning, as an introduction to the rest of the film could have been clearer especially when watching rather unknown actors. This with the bad flow of continuity throughout didn’t help. The ending too was a rather crass and a deeply annoying affair. With no revelation of cause and little to no clues, you come away from watching this with,well, nothing. You don’t even want to ask questions because it seems pointless. Cheated out of one and a half hours of my life.

I will add that Hayden Christensen provided the better of the performances and the production was quite interesting. Specifically the design of the bar and the underground tunnel were interesting and gave the movie something.


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