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Unstoppable (2010)

With a brilliant cast, Chris Pine, Denzel Washington and Rosario Dawson, I expected this to epic. I didn’t realise though that was actually an action, drama, thriller, comedy. For I spent most of my time laughing at this rather than feeling the suspense that i’m sure was intended.

The cast were really the reason I watched this, as the plot sounded ridiculous even before I knew it was based on true events. Rosario Dawson played Connie the the main train yard-master who has to step into action as some ridiculous events occur that lead to a train being unmanned hurtling down the tracks without a care of whomever it may come in contact with. Meanwhile, Chris Pine, Will the young train conductor and Denzel Washington, Frank a veteran rail engineer are off having their own little adventure and don’t become involved in the film until some mid-point when their heroics save the day. All the while they ‘stick it to the man’ and have some personal emotional revelations.

The production was so to force us to feel the rush of the train as we are told it is coasting at 10mph but we see it doing 70mph. Lots of helicopter shots and quick pans across the passing train. Meanwhile continuity in narrative doesn’t help viewing. One major flaw, which I shall pose to you as a conundrum.

The runaway train is travelling at 70mph. The train with our heroes driving can go 50mph max going forwards. Our heroes are miles behind the train and are going to catch it up travelling in reverse. Answers on a postcard please.

Besides this, they catch the train and do some free running to save the day and Stanton. All in a days work for your local train drivers.

So to clarify, this movie has some good points and some bad points, but mostly bad. Continuity and exaggerated camera work lead this to one I shan’t be able to recommend.


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