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Happythankyoumoreplease (2010)

This is a gorgeous tale of love and friendship. Fresh amongst so many miserable films that focus on the stark reality of life. This does that but with humour and a poignancy that is relevant, not forced or artificial. Josh Radnor plays the lead, Sam, a struggling writer who helps a lost child on the Subway but builds a friendship with him and in the end doesn’t want him to go back to his unhappy life in foster care. Through this Sam meets his love interest Mississippi (Kate Mara) who works in a café/ bar and sings for a passion. They have an endearing second meeting which leads to the proposition of moving in together just for three days, and just because. The plot is then fused with happenings of Sam’s best friend, Annie (Malin Åkerman) who has Alopecia and struggles with self-image and so rejects the advances of her co-worker. Along with this we have the confused relationship of Sam’s “Cousin” Mary (Zoe Kazan) and her boyfriend Charlie (Pablo Schreiber) who are juggling the want to be together and the desire to be somewhere else.

As Josh Radnor’s directorial and writing debut this is honestly a brilliant film. A captivating drama that makes you empathise and laugh with the characters, their lives are intriguing and I even felt like I was imposing by watching. Brilliantly done and I can’t rave about more.


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