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Beneath The Dark (2010)

I’ve seen a number of supernatural/ religious genre movies that are about making the right choices and penance. Beneath The Dark is one of them, but has something more, some good design and cinematography pull it out of the Z-list horror films and into a respectable place in B-list cinema. (That’s a good thing.)

It begins with the typical, driving late and going to a motel in the middle of nowhere where strange people lurk. Though is not how things turn out. Without giving too much away it is a clever thriller that focuses on emotions rather than horror attributes.

A relatively unknown cast including the lead Josh Stewart as Paul and Jamie-Lynn Sigler as his girlfriend Adrienne. Their performances are strong and should help them make it into bigger and better projects.

Some twists and turns keep us in suspense and lure us into the typical, while the revelations are not. Overall, I rather liked this, for a small production, tiny cast and a good plot it is worth a viewing.


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