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Black Swan (2010)

A huge film at the end of 2010 and entering new hype as the award ceremonies commence in 2011. This film has had such a buzz around it I was expecting something phenomenal. I was not disappointed, that is in the end. For the beginning is a little slow and there is a lot psychology in the camera work that doesn’t really reveal itself until nearer the end of the film.

I thought throughout that the music is what really carried the piece, without it, or with a modern score it would have been mostly a cliché dance chick flick with some psychology thrown in. As it turned out the original music by Clint Mansell and the bulk by Tchaikovsky drew out the emotions to new sincerity, aided of course by a brilliant performance.

Through the hand-held camera work and stark locations the world of the professional ballet dancer is given a dark and dangerous feel allowing for multiple ideas and plot developments to occur. Twists and turns along the way make this one of the most enthralling pictures I have seen in a very long time.

The costumes by Amy Westcott were beautiful and entwined with the intense drama from Natalie Portman added the juxtaposition that gave extra clarity in the end to the truth.

I  believe this is worth the hype and the acclaim. Certainly one for film fans to see.


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