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Rabbit Hole (2010)

I had such high hopes for Rabbit Hole, given its cast and beautiful trailer, but as it turns out, it was a bit of a let down. The take I received from the trailer was about a couple on the brink after losing their four year old son. It was to be an emotional whirlwind where we too would feel like we were in the “rabbit hole”.

There was nothing bad about its production, beautiful locations and scenes of expectation. The acting too was of course not bad, Nicole Kidman takes hold of the role of Becca, being both casual on the surface yet boiling inside. Her relationship with husband Howie (Aaron Eckhart) is perhaps too exaggerated for it to feel sincere. However, Howie’s relationship with a counselling group friend Gaby (Sandra Oh) is much more sincere and provocative then that of the leading cast.

Overall there was definitely something lacking for me, it did not conjure the emotion that I thought it would, honestly it hardly moved me at all. It could have been through its desperation to show so many emotions and changes. Through the interactions with family members, friends and strangers there is too much into such a small amount of time. I’ve found these films work better when allowed to breathe and give the audience the chance to grasp onto the more important aspects.


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