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Don’t Look Back (2009)

A French film with the title “Ne Te Retourne Pas”, a very odd and confusing psychodrama that had me intrigued but positively bewildered throughout. I suppose though, this is what makes it such a good film. I was captivated, I needed to watch it all and find out what was going on. If i’m honest, I still don’t really know and I won’t give away any clues anyway for those who are yet to see it, and I would recommend you do. It is rather exciting without the action and adventure that is usually required to cause such emotion.

Well made, if a little over written and therefore unclear in conclusion, but as I say, it is in this that makes it so very interesting. Some very intriguing visual effects, subtly introduced to aid the uncovering of the plot rather than be an attention of the movie itself.

It is French so subtitles to the ready, but it is worth the effort to see this.


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