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Nowhere Boy (2009)

A perfectly constructed and immaculately presented film based (loosely it’s been told) on the teenage years of John Lennon. Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, the conceptual/ fine art photographer and starring simply superb performances from Aaron Johnson as Lennon, Anne-Marie Duff as his estranged mother and Kristin Scott Thomas as his aunt turned guardian.

The story is said to be based on the memoirs of John Lennon’s half sister, Julia Baird, and depicts a tremendously strenuous struggle for Lennon’s own belonging and troublesome relationship with his aunt and his mother. For something based on true events there is such dynamic in the screenplay to make it stand as any superlatively formed fiction.

For me though the plot is not so important, it is strong and be it true or not, it holds no bearing on the enjoyment I had from watching this film. Aaron Johnson does  a fantastic job of being caring, yet off the wall, relentlessly pushing boundaries for himself, not for any reaction. Whilst Anne-Marie Duff was compelling as the mentally troubled and unconventional mother who had no choice in the life of her son.

It is brilliant and should be seen as a great piece of British cinema, with or without it being a depiction of John Lennon’s early years.



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