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Blue Valentine (2010)

There is not a better look into love, life and relationship as Blue Valentine. Examining the tale of two young in love and their marriage, we get a look at the past and the present to give a most in-depth look at their connection, the passion and entanglement. Whilst allowing for revelations and plot/ character development, without following a simple time line.

We see the present, somewhat cold relationship between Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams) as they are carrying on with their lives, working and raising Cindy’s daughter of another relationship. Traversing to a warmer, past of the couple as they meet and have their lives ahead of them. I have not seen a present and past tale told so well, and to intertwined, for realism is something that makes this movie raw and passionate.

Directed by Derek Cianfrance as his second feature, the realism comes a lot from this, with very few scenes having more than one take, and taking the time to work with the actors relationship before hand and omitting rehearsals. The past scenes were shot on film and the present in digital which helps the aesthetic, for the film adds warmth whilst digital is said to be a colder, harsher image.

It may seem quite cold, bleak and generally miserable, but there is something within Blue Valentine that shows real love and a true relationship of which time takes its toll.


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