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Greenberg (2010)

I must watch too many of these movies that I can no longer differentiate between them, that or they are just un-differentiable. This is one of those well made movies about nothing. Not that it is without purpose, just that it has a sincere look at reality for which entertainment falls to the background.

The plot (of what there is) follows Greenberg (Ben Stiller) as he gets out of a mental hospital and goes to stay at his brother’s house while he’s on a ‘work-cation’ in Vietnam. Greenberg is an eccentric , happy to do nothing, guy just plodding along in life, making a mess as he goes. Through social activities we see the character flourish through his insecurity and over-compensating- confidence that leads to awkward moments. It is in these moments that humour can be derived. Apart from that it is not especially a funny film.

The movie on the whole works, mainly because of some great casting. The offbeat relationship between Greenberg and his brothers assistant, Florence (Greta Gerwig). The sincere relationship he Greenberg has with his best friend Ivan (Rhys Ifans).

It may not spoon feed the audience, but this movie gives a look into the life of a forty something male who feels they’ve made all the wrong choices. Compared to similar Hollywood takes on the forty-plus situation, Noah Baumback (Writer & Director) certainly picks an intriguing way of portraying the tribulations that we may all encounter.


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