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Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)

I don’t think i’ve ever seen a documentary more interesting than this unlikely film by street artists Banksy. It documents the journey of Thierry Guetta, a French shop keep and amateur film-maker, as he stumbles upon the world of street art. Thierry is a fantastic, whimsical character. His hand has always a camera and he is always filming.

As he falls in love with street art on a trip to Paris and in is home, LA, he finds himself following street artists and even becoming an accomplice to their acts. He tells them that he is making a street art documentary, though he has no intentions of doing so. As he gets more involved he figures if he is going to be filming about street art he needs to be-friend the worlds most notable. By chance he does meet Banksy and form a completely surprising friendship. A film maker and the elusive street artist.

Banksy has Thierry edit his footage and make the documentary he told all he was making. His efforts are like 2 hours of epileptic brainwashing. From this Banksy decides to give it a go and sends Thierry on his way, suggesting he put on a small show to show off his own street art.

This is when the film gets really interesting, instead of the modest show Banksy had thought, Thierry creates the largest art showing in LA, ever and probably one of the largest by an individual. He gets carried away, hires sculptors, painters, and an entire team capable of producing commercial amounts of work.

The documentary really takes an interesting look at the art world; even at points mocking the sincerity of it all. A wonderful insight into a hidden world of the most visible art. Thoroughly entertaining and uplifting. Now i’m to go make some art.


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