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The Company Men (2010)

What a cast this socially current and terribly apt movie has. “The Company Men” are Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner. The plot follows a handful of characters as they are suddenly made redundant from their high paid careers. It allows insight into how ones career is their life and what losing it can do to their family, their mind and self-worth.

It is apt because it is a view on the current economic climate which has struck the world at the end of the ‘noughties’. For me it is more favourable than others I have seen as despite the despair that is witnessed throughout the most part of the film, it also applies hope. One who is in a situation where their life is turned upside down requires hope to carry on and this film should speak to all those affected by the crisis. It does have a happy ending, though not the one you might expect. Compromises must be made for happiness to ever come again.

The cast, being as prolific as they are, do a fantastic job at portraying realistic emotions and nuances that make the narrative more poignant, although it does have its cheesy moments. I also like that it was a focus on higher income careers and the effect it has on real career people who thought they had the security to live full lives. Viewers may not appreciate the need for sympathy for the wealthy losing their jobs, but the circumstance is the same no matter what your earning.

Kevin Costner (in a non lead role) plays Ben Affleck’s blue collar brother-in-law who offers him a job to tied him over. We are let into the fact that the job they are working on is losing money. A glimpse into both ends of the spectrum.

A good watch, strong plot and narrative with some good acting.


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