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Mean Girls 2 (2011)

I’m sure I speak for everyone when reminiscing about the great entertainment received from the 2004 hit “Mean Girls”. Needless to say that this TV film certainly lacks. Clearly of a lower budget and overall script (plus it took less than 2 months to film). I don’t want to slate it completely as it was a pleasant watch for a thought free 96 minutes.

It carries almost the same plot as the original starring Lindsay Lohan, though has more focus on friendship and poor acting rather than outrageous attitude and bitchiness that carried the original so well. It did however pull out one or two laughs though I was a little disappointed to not get a song out of Meaghan Jette Martin (of Camp Rock fame) who played the lead ‘Jo Mitchell’.

Completely harmless and a little bit of fun for those who might want a new Clueless.


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