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Adele 21

Much anticipation around this album as 19 was brilliant and refreshing in the charts. 21 is still brilliant though a very simple collection of songs; clean and fervent in delivery. Here is my song-by-song review.

1. Rolling In The Deep – The first single and a wonderful introduction to the new, more refined Adele. It has a composition similar to “Cold Shoulder” from 19, one of my favourite Adele tracks.

2. Rumour Has It – Written with Ryan Tedder and his sound definitely prevails, he has a fantastic ability to make profound catchy music. This track is my favourite off the new album. It has ‘spunk’ shall we say. I want to see a music video for this one, something über modern and anti-social.

3. Turning Tables – Beautifully simple and poignant. I love the rolling piano and the ever swelling strings that are wonderful on their own but provide a backdrop for Adele’s powerful vocal.

4. Don’t You remember – A ‘country style’ track with all the emotion that Adele can pour from her voice. One of the top tracks on 21.

5. Set Fire To The Rain – Perhaps my second favourite track. It has passion and a well written (and performed) rhythm that flows through the lyrics. It allows for the emotion to build. This track seems totally natural in its presentation.

6. He Won’t Go – A soulful and slightly jazzy break in the middle of 21.

7. Take It All – As the first note comes from Adele’s warming voice we are taken with here on her journey through this epic yet so simple love-song.

8. I’ll Be Waiting – One of the few tracks on the album that features more than piano and strings, the production on “I’ll Be Waiting” is more uplifting than the album so far.

9. One and Only – A song for the “Bridget Jones” movies, clean and clear.

10. Lovesong – Something more fluid and dare I say, even a little more ambient and background than the other so clear that preceded it.

11. Someone Like You – Ending the official track listing with a beautiful piano led ballad.

Overall the album is clean, crisp and as a rarity in music today, it knows what it is, and what it wants to be. Vocally stunning as always and the production suits the songs perfectly. Though I will say, I would have liked to hear perhaps something more new, not that it is a copy of anything else, just that I enjoyed from 19 the experimental mix of pop/ acoustic, ballad, big band type thing it had going on.

4.5  *


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