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The Extra Man (2010)

The allure of Kevin Kline is something I have always found entertaining. His characters fanciful although the host of the most sincere and thoughtful prospects. His part as Henry Harrison in “The Extra Man” is no exception. The wild and eccentric play-write/ “extra man” (or escort as is better known). Wanting people only for what they can offer him he finds a flatmate he is finally happy with, young writer Louis Ives. Played by Paul Dano, Louis has “issues” of self worth and sexual wanting, issues that do not sit well with Henry and his gentlemen’s attitude to being. He has fantasies of being an early 2oth century gentlemen with a narrator as in a romantic novel. On the other hand he has fantasies pertaining to sex and the idea of cross-dressing. All of which is resolved in the movie. It is almost a “coming of age” movie though the resolution is to just be yourself, even if you are not what is expected, or what you expect of yourself.

There are interesting characters in the form of Gershon (John C. Reilly) who only has a lower tone of voice when he sings, as when he talks it is much more in the soprano scale. Mary (Katie Holmes) is Louis’ love interest and acts innocent yet with an agenda, she is an environmental activist.

Overall there is a good dynamic between the characters, realistic relationships yet the whole movie is slightly surreal, or fanciful shall we say. None-the-less it was a pleasant watch.


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