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Please Give (2010)

A touching and poignant glimpse into one chapter of peoples lives. It is cleverly written as to give us background information and develop the characters without it being unnatural. I really enjoyed the realism and this was through the great acting by the key cast , Rebecca Hall and Catherine Keener.

I enjoy “alternate” cinema, the movies that aren’t really about anything and just let you into a different life for a while. This is one of those movies, though without having too many loose ends, it does have a progression, plot and an ending. Although not a “they drive off into the sunset” ending, more of “they carry on with their lives” it is still touching.

Whilst emotional it is also a comedy, as the neighbours of a 91 year old woman wait for her death. During this time though they befriend the granddaughter (Rebecca Hall) and build a neighbourly friendship despite not really being neighbours.

Charming and casual in it’s realism, comedy and emotion it is one of my favourite films this year.


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