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I’m Still Here (2010)

I just don’t know what to make of this movie. Released as a documentary though confirmed as a mockumentary, described by critics as performance art, it is simply odd.

Difficult to say if one is to be impressed by the lengths that Joaquin Phoenix went through to keep up the charade of retiring from movies to make this. It seems to really depict the demise of a promising and prominent movie star to a drunk mess & deluded wannabe hip-hop artist. I felt more awkward and embarrassed for him than anything else. There are moments when money is spoken about and lack there of, though we know that cannot be the case unless he really did drink and snort his way through it.

The whole piece is rather self-indulgent and rather painful to watch, in fact i’m only 43 minutes in with an hour to go and my mind is made up that this isn’t such a good piece. It cannot be called performance art as is a mockery, whilst not really clarifying what it is mocking.

It reminds me of the works of art you see in the Tate Modern, pieces defined by their little rectangular card offering explanation. Perhaps there is profound elements that lay in the script, but when presented in this way it removes any sentiment.

If this had been made as a movie and not a supposive documentary, then the plot may well have been entertaining and some of the ideas prospected by Joaquin Phoenix may have stood.


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