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Catfish (2010)

As far as documentary films go, this is one of the better i’ve seen. It had a plot, even a narrative and wasn’t so washed out with “artisticness” that so many before fall foul of.

It tells the story of  a New York photographer who comes to have a romantic relationship with someone via facebook. Of course it turns out that this person doesn’t exist, it is in fact a sad tale of a middle aged woman seeking a piece of the life she never could have. I found it quite moving, though at some points you think it’s too much to be ‘real’ and you can easily believe that it is an exaggerated version of a true tale.

I think the story would make a better book then it does a documentary but i’m not dismissing the movie. It’s the type of movie I think they should show in schools, it has the facility to promote thought, while being entertaining and current. The main point of the entire production doesn’t emerge until the end when the title “Catfish” makes any sense. I know many won’t like it, they perhaps don’t have the emotional or artistic temperament that I do, but I would suggest all to give it a watch, at under 90 minutes it’s not going to break the time bank.



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