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Resident Evil – After Life (2010)

I love the Resident Evil series, not because I am especially fond of the genre, but more I love the effort that is put into the design and execution of the movie. Each scene in Resident Evil – After Life is a work of art, fantastically created to build on the surrealism of the entire saga. Whilst still retaining some realistic qualities, aided by the periods of emotion brought from the narrative. Arvinder Grewal’s work on the production design cannot be faulted.

Although a brilliant watch, there is little character development and the focus was on special effects, design and ‘Matrix’ style fighting. We have a few gaps in narrative and flow, one too many “fade to black” moments. Still it is what it is, an epic “shoot ’em up” with the female heroine taking lead.

Nice to see them set up for the next film with a scene a minute into the credits. Though you do wonder, could this go on forever? Four is such an awkward number after-all.


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