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Priceless (2006)

A French film (actual title Hors de Prix). Yes this film is years old, but I watched it on BBC the other day and it tickled me. A typical love story of a gold-digger who falls for a hotel barman who pretends to be a wealthy guest as not to lose his job.  As a result Irene (Audrey Tautou) loses her ‘sugar daddy’ and tries to make Jean (Gad Elmaleh) realise what she has given up for a silly night of passion with him. Jean then becomes the toy boy of some wealthy woman in another hotel and the two have some fun reaping the rewards of their gold-digging. In the end they realise that they cannot be without each-other so choose to leave their easy lives for the wealth of love instead.

Though that all sounds like any cinematic love story, the movie itself is fun and overall charming. It makes me wish I had the audacity to be a toy-boy, or the opportunity at least. It is a fun watch, seeing the manipulation of the wealthy as each party tries to get what they can from the relationship. The wealthy want the companion, the gold-digger wants the gold. Such fun.

Good locations, great acting by Audrey Tautou. I liked it, I think my mother would as well.


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